Buffy Sainte-Marie’s presentations touch on the award-winning singer-songwriter’s music career, philanthropy projects and world travels. Through her discussions, Buffy hopes to inspire listeners to stay positive in troubled times and keep their nose on the joy trail.

• A MultiMedia Life

“A MultiMedia Life” traces Buffy Sainte-Marie’s experiences and observations from her start in the music industry during the 1960s to present day. Buffy discusses her career highs, including her appearance on Sesame Street, earning an Academy Award and creating the Cradleboard Teaching project, as well as the lows of struggling with music dyslexia and dealing with the backlash that comes along with fame.

• Detoxifying Aboriginal Self-perception and Outward Identity

“Detoxifying Aboriginal Self-perception and Outward Identity” looks at the pressing issues affecting First Nations/Native American and world indigenous communities. In this presentation, Buffy Sainte-Marie stresses the importance of local activism in creating positive changes through education, health and personal development.

Todd Jordan